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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


1.Will the PVC Ceiling collapse?

No. Because it is water proof. Furthermore our installation are very detailed and every project is supervised by a senior installer. With the tongue in groove method, each side of the panel is screwed and interlock with each other.


2. Since it is water proof, do we still need to repair the water leakage? If yes, how?

Yes. The root cause of the leakage still need to be repaired. A man hole can be provided for future maintenance upon completion of the PVC ceiling installation.


3. Will the colour fade? Can it be polish?

The shininess of the panel will reduce over a long period of time and it cannot be wax or polish.


4. Can we install ceiling fan or air conditioner on the PVC ceiling?

Yes. The fan hook and the air conditioner support remains to be installed on the concrete base or wood panels for single-storey house.


5. Can the PVC ceiling panels withstand heat?

Yes up to 60’C. Always check your light fitting specification prior to installation. Generally all down lights or LED lights are suitable. Our product only caters for indoor or car port areas that are not directly exposed to sunlight.


6. Are the PVC ceiling panels heavy?

No. They are light weight due to its material is made of plastic resins.


7. At which stage of renovation should I install the PVC ceiling panels?

Upon completion of all exterior and wet work. Installation of PVC ceiling can start during initial stage of commencement of interior work.


8. Can we customize our own design?

If you require specific colour or design such as corporate logo, please contact us. We can customize any colours or pattern you desired (e.g. Corporate logo) but subject to minimum quantity order.

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