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Advantages of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Ceiling


  • 100% Water Proof/Moisture Proof

- Unlike other ceiling materials, PVC ceiling does not absorb water, do not expand and contract in the event of any water leakage.


  • Light Weight & Hollow design

- The hollow structure and properties of polyvinyl chloride resins provides good sound and heat insulation.


  • No Painting required

- There are variety of colours and patterns for you to choose to fit the desired décor of your place.


  • Easy & Quick Installation

- The tongue in groove system makes installation simple and the material makes it less dust as compared to plaster ceiling installation. The nail fastening is also hidden between the panels.


  • Low to Zero Maintenance

- Not much hard effort required to clean or maintain the panels. It can be simply wiped with damp cloth.


  • Thermite proof & Rust proof

- If you are a fan of wood and worried of thermite, our product is the best substitute at cheaper cost.


  • Durable

- PVC ceiling has long life span because it is moisture proof and it will not be affected by daily wear & tear. However precaution is required as some sharp objects may damage our material.


  • Good substitute for plaster ceiling in terms of non-health hazard

- Besides waterproof, PVC ceiling will also give glossy colour effect and it is safe for asthma patient due to the absence of silica powder.


  • Fire Retardant

- PVC is a self-extinguishing fire retardant material. It does not continue to burn after ignition without an external fire source. (note: We have yet to obtain formal certification from relevant authority pertaining to fire)


  • Movable

- If you are moving house, our product can be easily dismantle and reinstalled at the new place.






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