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Car Port
Commercial & Offices

This is the focal point of the house where you will spend quality time and receive guest ought to be lively and thus our PVC panels will do the job right for you. For existing stayed in homes, our product can help to upgrade the place by complete makeover without less mess and dust. Our sleek surface panels also allows easy cleaning to upkeep the visual appeal.

Our PVC Ceiling will give your car port a unique and elegant exterior look which may increase the saleability of your home. Say goodbye to rain waters and now you don’t have to worry about water damaging the ceiling.

Thinking of refurbishing your office? Or just moved into a new office? Our PVC Ceiling panels will help you to save installation time and keep your office bright, light and airy with our white glossy panels.

AV Room

PVC ceiling gives you a great waterproof surface and it is not only strong but lightweight. This is a perfect product for a wet and high moisture area ceiling. It also makes cleaning easy and no more repairs to flaking paint.

Kitchen ceiling are often exposed to heat, moisture from cooking, boiling kettles and sinks full of water. Not to worry, our product offers a silky surface which makes cleaning easy and you can now match your ceiling with your modern kitchen cabinets. Our product can withstand heat up to 60’C and thus normal cooking heat will not be an issue.

Our PVC panels is also suitable for AV Room because it can make the room looks exclusive and cosy. The PVC material also certain degree of sound proof.

Our Product Features..

Safe for Asthma

Reduces Heat


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